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New Era of China SCE Group’s Public Charity

In 2019, Mr. Wong Chiu Yeung , Chairman of the Board and President of China SCE Group , ranked the seventh in the “2019 Forbes China Philanthropy List” with his donations in total of RMB525 million. He said in an interview with Forbes China that the more people involved in public charity activities, the more meaningful they become.For more than two decades since China SCE Group has been devoted to public charity, the nationwide charitable projects it participated involve various areas, including education, poverty alleviation, culture, environmental protection and others. Among which, poverty alleviation through education has always been the main focus of China SCE Group’s public charity. More than ten years ago, China SCE Group and the School of Management of Xiamen University jointly established China SCE Group Student Grant , and donated and supported impoverished students with good academic performance to complete their studies for many years. Since 2017, China SCE Group and China Siyuan Foundation for Poverty Alleviation has been organising large-scale charitable book donation once a year. Collaborating with all segments of businesses and subsidiary of China SCE Group, books together with postcards written with love messages donated by China SCE Group staff, owners, customers and partners are sent to the children in the schools in poor mountain areas. In February 2018, China SCE Group donated RMB 500 million to establish the NACF China SCE Group Charity Fund (南安慈善總會中駿慈善基金), which is used as long-term donation for the aeras of education, poverty alleviation, culture, and medical care nationwide. In December 2018, Mr. Wong Chiu Yeung attended the China SCE Group Student Grant award ceremony held in the School of Management of Xiamen University.According to the statistics, as of the end of 2018, the charity donation contributed by China SCE Group in areas such as education and poverty alleviation, medical relief, culture and sports exceeded RMB 800 million in aggregate.

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